Monday, 15 April 2019

Succulent & Houseplant Propagation

When I am not out in the garden or at the allotment I am usually in my studio attached to my shop. This is my safe space, my calm space where I can paint, sketch and study plants. It is also home to my propagation station for succulents and house plants.

As you can see in the top photo I start the leaves off in bottles of water. When the roots show I move them into little pots of compost. (Bottom left corner of the top photo)

This method has been working well for me and has provided me with lots of lovely plants to share.

I am going to test out other propagation methods this year so I will let you know how I get on.

A number of you have asked where I got the small bottles, unfortunately it was over a year ago that I got the exact ones in the photo but here are some very similar:

Pack of 24 small bottles

Pack of 12 small bottles

Friday, 12 April 2019

Photography inspired by nature

Inspired by my son Finley who started taking beautiful photos of flowers whilst on our nature walks i have got my camera out and started taking photos too! Together we have created a little website where i will upload the photos i am pleased with and they will be available to purchase and download. Prints are also available in the studio at 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB

You can now view and purchase our photographs here 

p.s. don't worry Finley will be getting paid for any of his photos that sell, he is currently saving up for a new bike apparently!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

RHS Rosemoor | April 2019

RHS Rosemoor - April 2019 

My 30th birthday present to myself was a membership to the Royal Horticultural Society. It was £47.75 to join as a individual member but the benefit of this membership means that you can take a visitor free of charge when visiting RHS gardens. The membership has a variety of other benefits including a regular magazine, entrance to partner gardens and discounts on RHS shows.

I went to visit RHS Rosemoor with Jon on Tuesday 9th April, it was my first ever visit and i couldn't wait to explore. On arrival i was greeted by very helpful staff who handed me a map and explained the various walking routes and that there was an art exhibition on (i later found one of my favourite floral artists work was in there, read more about that here)

Touring around i had a fantastic time, though busy because of the Easter holidays i didn't feel like it was crowded and there was plenty of opportunities for me to take photographs undisturbed. I didn't realise how family friendly it as there, a range of childrens play areas and lots of fun activities for them to get involved in; i'll certainly be bringing my sons to visit soon.

Rosemoor was amazing, it was the most beautiful place i have ever been. I really enjoyed the day exploring and felt that i learnt so much in just the few hours that i was there. There were plant labels with most of the flowers which meant i was able to note down the ones that caught my eye to learn more about. I really loved the kitchen garden areas which gave me lots of inspiration for my allotment.

We stopped at the Wisteria Tea Room and had the most fantastic Cream Tea sharing first a savory cream tea and then a fruit cream tea. I would go as far as to say it was the best cream tea i have ever had.

Overall i would say that RHS Rosemoor is a fantastic place to visit.

*Please note all photos are my own and therefore copyrighted to me, if you would like to use my photos please contact me. More of my 'Rosemoor in April 2019' photos can be found here*

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Bernaville Nurseries : Exeter, Devon

Whilst on the way home from my birthday trip to RHS Rosemoor we came across a garden centre that i hadn't been in before so of course i had to stop and take a look! On arrival we were greeted by this beautiful fountain in the car park. Parking was easy and there was plenty of space which is always a plus point when visiting garden centres.

When we went in i was surprised to find just how big the place was. It had a very large indoor space jam packed with all sorts of gifts, pet care items, conservatory furniture and more. The displays were well presented and there was plenty of room to move around without it feeling too cramped which often it can in garden centres that try to have a wide variety of stock.

I ventured outside to the plant displays and found a fantastic selection, really well displayed and the layout was well sign posted so it was easy to find all the different plants. I was quite impressed with the prices too which i felt were reasonable.

I hadn't intended to purchase anything as i was saving myself for the weekend when i get to go spend my birthday voucher at one of my favourite local garden centres but this little beauty caught my eye. I've never seen this Alpine plant before 'Aquilegia Blue & White' at just £1.99 i couldn't walk by so it has come home with me! I need to research it this evening to find out where in the courtyard it is best suited to live.

Overall i was very pleased with Bernaville Nurseries and would highly recommend going for a visit.

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Mini greenhouse coldframe a quality bargain find

I treated myself to an early 30th birthday present,a new coldframe for the courtyard. It took me days to finally decide which to get as I have tried all sorts of mini greenhouses over the years which don't last very long and/or don't do a very good job.

After plenty of research I realised that rather than get a cheap plastic coated one I would be better off with a more solid coldframe design instead. I found this one online for a real bargain price compared to other prices of a similar size.

Full information on the Coldframe here.

It was super easy to put together I was really impressed, it only took me 15mins on my own and all I needed was a screwdriver.

It fits in perfectly with my rustic courtyard style but would also suit a stylish garden too.