Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Acrylic Seascapes

Seascapes are not something I ever thought I would be interested in doing but after catching up on previous years of 'Landscape Artist of the year' on You Tube I learnt that impressionist and semi abstract landscapes / seascapes can be just as evocative and capturing as the other works I enjoy. 

In my mind I always felt that landscapes needed to be realistic, that noone would like my impressionist / semi abstract style transferred to landscape but having watched so many fantastic artists in the program and seen how well they did, the judges seemed to prefer their styles over the more realistic; this gave me a real lift and has inspired me to try out landscapes in my own style which definitely leans more to Impressionist / semi abstract. 

I used one of my many photos of Seaton to create the piece above. This was taken whilst sat on the pebbles looking over at the cliffs. I feel I kept it close to the photo in this piece, capturing the pale blue sky well and the foamy waves on the pebbles. I kept more focused on recreating the picture in this piece and didn't really free up much. 

For this piece I used acrylics again but loosened up and allowed the picture to be more free. I was inspired by the waves crashing against the algae covered rocks. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Brusho Burst Bird

I tried something totally new for me again today. This time it was painting a bird using brusho and Watercolour.

I have admired the way Alison Board uses Brushos to paint animals for along time so thought I would have a go and this is my first attempt.

I'm loving how the bird appears to jump out from the colours. Brusho certainly give the picture a real pop!

I finished with white gouache splatters which I feel brings the piece together.

I used

SAA Imitation Sable Brushes 2 & 6 round
Ost. Blue Brusho
SAA Watercolours indigo, pru blue & Payne's grey
Daler Rowney white gouache

Monday, 22 July 2019

Butterflies & Blooms

I have been blessed with the view of butterflies enjoying my courtyard garden this month and it inspired me to put them into my work.

This little piece started with a quick sketch then watercolours. I love the combination of the abstract flowers with the more detailed yet loose little butterfly.

I used SAA watercolours, SAA brushes and SAA watercolor practice paper (Cold Pressed)

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Sun Printing/ Cyanotype with leaves and flowers

I have been having great fun this week experimenting with different botanical themed art forms. I've been flower pressing, painting with flowers and leaves themselves and today i have been sun printing.

Stage 1: In a dark room (a room with plenty of shade) i took the paper out from its UV proof bag and lay it onto a board. I arranged pressed leaves and fake flowers onto the paper and then took the board to a sunny room (my studio). I waited for 3-4 minutes until i could see the colour drain from the paper, it became pale blue rather than dark blue.

Stage 2: I took the leaves and flowers away to reveal the designs. Though beautiful as they are just like this the next stage is to set them.

Stage 3: To set the designs i plunged the paper into water for a few moments and then took out and put to one side to dry. Once dry the design is then set.

You will see at the top how the ones above turned out but here are some pieces i did previously. As you can see i've learnt that timing is essential when it comes to sun pritning. It is important not to over expose your paper.

Watch my video on sun printing here

Purchase sun printing paper here

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Kitchen Garden updates : June 2019

My first kitchen garden bounty... Small but perfect!

This year so far has been full of experiments in the garden. I've been growing in a wide range of containers, in different areas in the garden all from seed started in my small coldframe.

This year I wanted to try tumbling tom tomatoes and strawberry plants in hanging baskets.

All are growing well so far, my 'tomato forest' as the kids have named it is looking healthy. I have back up tomato plants in pots around the garden too. Next to it are herb planters and in front are cosmos and calendula.

The dwarf beans growing together with flowers are doing really well. It is great that I can grow plants together even in contains. 

You really can have a kitchen garden in the smallest of places, even if you have no ground to grow in.

Containers are fantastic for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers of many kinds. It is well worth experimenting!

I also have a small allotment, I'll update you with that progress soon.