Sunday, 29 March 2020

Planting up extra seeds to keep busy

Today i planted up another batch of seeds in the hope that they will do well on the window of my little shop. The window is a sun trap and as the shop is closed for the foreseeable future due to the current pandemic i might as well make use of the space!

As you can see below i have already filled the conservatory studio space. 

Living above my shop has its pros & cons but in the current situation we find ourselves in it has proven to be helpful as i can keep an eye on everything and though i only have a very small garden it is still an outdoor space for me and the kids to escape to.

I've always loved growing fruits and vegetables which is why i took on an allotment only a couple of years ago. I'm using my one excersize outdoors trip a day to check on my allotment, water the plants and dig over the beads in preparation for planting everything out. (obviously following all government guidelines)

If you have a garden now would be a great time to make a space for growing salad, fruits and vegetables. If you are in need of seeds or equipment there still companies able to deliver to your home. Some you'll find in your local area do please try to support your local independent businesses where possible here in Seaton we have Animal Botanical and Abbots still able to deliver gardening related goods. Alternatively if you don't have a local independent shop able to help then there will be other online companies you can order from.

Make sure you check back here regularly for ideas and tips on growing on both an allotment and in a small garden. 

Friday, 27 March 2020

Saxifraga (saxifrage) Touran Pink | Botanical Studies #flowerfriday

Saxigraga (Saxifrage) Touran Pink 

In 2019 purchased this beautiful plant from Coombe Garden Centre. I had not had experience with this plant before so i thought i would see how i get along with it.

It came in a small pot and on inspection i could see the roots looked like they were ready for a replant so i potted him up into a slightly larger pot and placed in in my courtyard among the many other potted plants.

Getting CreativeThe little blooms of this plant were perfect for pressing in my flower presses. The plant was also great inspiration for drawing and paitning. I love the beautiful pint shade petals and yellow centre.

Growing and care
I didn't o anything special for this plant through 2019, i simply made sure it was watered regularly.

Now in 2020 i can see the plant re-appearing in its pot, i'm hopefuly for another year of beautiful blooms from it. Here is what it looks like now (March 12th 2020)

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Getting the kids to sow seeds

Today during home schooling we did some gardening. A birthday present that had been in the shed for months came in handy. It came with seeds, soil & instructions so the boys were able to set up their own little growing station themselves.

This kit is designed so that the children can see the development of the roots. I've no idea how successful it will be but they enjoyed it.

We then decided to use up the leftover seeds using old plastic tubs that previously had mushrooms in (purchased from the shop) and some compost. The boys did everything, filling pots, making the little drainage holes, putting the seeds in & watering. Then they designed their own labels. 

It was lovely to be out in the sunshine in our tiny little courtyard. We always sow seeds this time of year but we have sown at least double the amount this year with everything going on it has given us a focus. 

Hopefully if they are all successful we'll be able to donate some seedlings to families who want to start a veg patch in their garden like us. 

Monday, 23 March 2020

Seedling progress 23rd March

Some of the seedlings are starting to appear in both the allotment greenhouse and the conservatory.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Sowing fruit & vegetable seeds, any requests? | Mothers Day 2020

I spent today (Mothers Day 2020) in my little courtyard garden enjoying the sun and moving around my potted plants. I really love this time of year when the bulbs are out and the perennials show signs of life. Though my garden is only small it is still a lovely place to be. 

Due to the current global pandemic i have had to close me little shop which means my studio space will no longer be visited by customers. I decided to take the opportunity to fill the studio instead with lots of seeds! I've planted more than usual which if successful i'll be able to share with my community. If you have any requests of any veg plants you'd like if they are successful please let me know.

This is just one side of the studio, the other side is now full as is my little cold frame in the garden. 

It these uncertain and challenging times at least we can find peace in our gardens and courtyards.