Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Mr Duck

I've been experimenting recently with my style of painting to see how I can use it to create more animals.

I've been pleased with the results so far and the feedback from those visiting me in the studio has been great. I've had lots of people suggest I should look into illustration as my style lends itself well to illustrating childrens books.

It is something I'd love to consider in the future but right now I'm focused on testing out the style to see where it will lead me and what I can create with it.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Finding my style

It is a funny feeling to finally feel like I have found my art 'style'. I never really thought I would be one to stick with one particular style as I enjoy working in so many different ways and different mediums but this year I have started to feel like I've settled into a particular style that my customers and visitors of my studio are starting to know me for and are enjoying.

Sales of my card prints and of my originals in this 'style' are proving popular too. The feedback I keep getting is so wonderful it gives me a real boost every time I hear the lovely comments.

I was asked to describe the way I work for a write up piece that someone recently did on me. I would say my style is a modern twist on 'pen & wash' I lay down free flowing watercolours with not too much precision before later applying a layer of figurative fine liners.

I began with florals but have ventured into animals and scenery now too. I'm really looking forward to exploring this way of working further in 2020.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

It has been a wet and windy November and my poor courtyard has taken a battering but my little adjoining art studio is still my favourite place to be.

I actually prefer working in the light of the Autumn than the harsh bright light of the summer I have found. I'm going to look into getting some sort of blind to go in it next year hopefully that will help me to be able to spend more time out there when it gets overly hot.

I've been working on my pen & wash style again recently just putting different ideas down to see where they take me.

I love hearing the feedback from people browsing  my little studio talking about my art work. A number of times in the past few months my style has been compared to that of illustrator Quentin Blake, what an honour!

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Mr Fox

My best selling art card print of 2019 has been Mr Fox. This little cutie I created in my figurative pen & wash style originally for my son Finley who loves foxes.

Finley has the original in his room and we sell two sizes of Mr Fox in the studio and online.

It is lovely to hear the positive comments about him and the other work I have been creating in the style recently. It appears I have found my core style so I plan to develop it over 2020 to see where it takes me.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Modern twist on pen & wash proving popular

If you have been following my artistic journey this year you will likely have noticed my live of using pen & wash with a modern twist.

I appear to have developed a 'style' subconsciously with my work now becoming recognised and selling well as cards & framed originals.

I started with using mainly vibrant colours but lately experimenting with more pastel shades too.

I create my pieces by laying loose washes of water colour down on the paper first then once dry I overlay them with figurative florals in pen.

An enjoyable process with a capturating finish.