Holistic Health

I am a qualified and insured Holistic Therapist based in my Botanical Studio in Seaton, Devon. I offer a range of services & run workshops for individuals and small groups that mainly focus around the healing properties of all things botanical. As an art graduate i also interlink my passion for art into some of my therapies.

I specialise in the following treatments:

Aromatherapy Product Advice
Personalised Botanical Blends using Essential Oils
Botanical Based Health & Beauty Products
Botanical Based Skincare
Botanical Art Healing

If you would like to find out more about the Holistic Therapies i offer please contact me:

Address: 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB
Email: kabriggs@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 01297 624246 / 07772148702

I am a member of the IAHT 

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